Budget Billing

The budget billing program is a free service offered to all residential customers that agree to pay their budget amount by the due date each month. The program is designed to help you avoid unpredictable utility bills and make balancing your budget a little easier. Many of our budget customers also sign up for Automatic Withdrawal to have their budget amount automatically deducted from their checking/savings account on the due date - another free service provided to our customers.

Your monthly budget amount is based on the average of your actual bill charges during the previous 12 months. We continue to read your meter every month and your utility bill will show how much energy and/or water you used, the actual bill amount and the balance on your account. Some months you will pay less for what you actually used and some months you will pay more.

If you would like more information, or are interested in budget billing, please call our office at 608-592-3246.