Solar Vendors

Vendors have been soliciting solar system sales to Lodi residents. You have the right to ask to see their City of Lodi issued sellers permit. Lodi Utilities does not partner with nor endorse any vendors. It has come to our attention that there is a current vendor aggressively approaching Lodi residents, falsely inferring a partnership with Lodi Utilities. We encourage you not to share banking or account information and to contact Lodi Utilities before signing any documents.

The truth is Lodi Utilities does indeed work with all solar vendors on proper and safe interconnection to our distribution system; however, we have no requirement to install a solar system.

As solar panel costs decrease, residential installations become more economically feasible.  Lodi Utilities recommends acquiring multiple quotes and allowing our utility to assist in evaluating your proposal(s) which is of no cost to you.

Lodi Utilities is a strong proponent of renewable generation resources including solar generation. We invite our customers to utilize our solar resources on our website and/or contact our Energy Services Representative for proposal evaluation assistance.