Water Department

Metal pipe cover with the word waterLodi residents and businesses use over 110 million gallons of water each year. Water is vital to our community and we are fortunate in Lodi to have a high-quality water supply. One of our priorities is protecting this natural resource!

There are two deep wells, one artesian well, and three reservoirs in Lodi. The water is treated and tested regularly to ensure Lodi residents and businesses continue to receive a safe and plentiful water supply.

Meter Reading & Billing

Lodi Utilities crew members collect usage data from your water meter with an automatic meter reading (AMR) device. Our data collection devices read your meter from a distance and store that information in a format that is then downloaded into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement. We generally read the first or second business day of the month. We are in the process of transitioning to advance metering infrastructure (AMI) devices that transmit data several times a day back to the Utility. There are many benefits to these meters; the most important benefit being that water leaks can be detected earlier than waiting for a monthly reading and a high bill. Click here to learn more about getting your AMI device.

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Water Quality

Lodi Utilities routinely monitors the city’s drinking water according to Federal and State regulations. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.

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If you have any questions about the Water Quality Report, or concerning your water utility, please contact us at 608-592-3246.

In 2022, Lodi Utilities found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some homes. Lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children. Please read the following document closely to see what you can do to reduce lead in your drinking water.

Lead Public Education Program

Water Leaks

If you find your water meter readings higher than normal and you are unaware of the reason for this increase; we encourage you to test for a toilet leak or investigate other common household leaks. Better yet, set up a WATER LEAK DECECTION ALERT once you have your AMI water meter installed and you will automatically be notified if you have water usage 88% of the hours in a day which typically means you have a leak.

Please take a moment to perform a simple test that can identify one of the most common causes of water leaks within a home, a running toilet. Remove the lid from the tank at the back of your toilet and add several drops of regular household food coloring to the water in the tank. DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. Wait a few minutes. If colored water appears in the toilet bowl, you have a leaking toilet. Usually this means the seals in your toilet need to be replaced. 

You should contact a licensed plumber to replace these seals as soon as possible. Waiting even one week can cause thousands of gallons of water to run through your meter. If the toilet test shows that your toilets are not leaking, you may want to have a plumber inspect other areas of your home that may be the cause of water leaks. Even small drips from faucets or yard hoses or a water softener cycling too often can be potential causes of large amounts of water being used.