Water Meter Exchange

In October, we announced the upcoming project to replace all water meters with an AMI (Advance Metering Infrastructure) meter. We are so excited to finally be kicking off this project. Our billing manager's computer has been updated with the necessary software and on November 15th and 16th we will begin onsite training. 

After Thanksgiving, we plan on mailing letters to the first round of customers we would like to get scheduled to swap out meters - our non-residential customers and our larger apartment complexes. We will be creating additional documentation to show you the benefits these new meters provide once we have some in place. These meters are truly a great benefit for our customers. The AMI meters will allow for early detection of leaks and high water usage which will help prevent large and unnecessary water bills.

The process to convert to the new system is significant. We ask for your cooperation during this process as utility staff will need to enter customer businesses and homes to change out the meter. Once you receive your letter, we ask that you come back to this website to schedule a mutually-agreeable appointment. Appointments will be for 30 minutes and an adult must be present during the appointment. We will be sending two utility/city staff members for each meter exchange. They will have employee badges identifying them as utility/city employees and they will always arrive in a utility or city vehicle. At no time will these individuals ask you for any personal information or request any payment.

 Things you need to do prior to your appointment to make the process the most efficient:

  • Locate your water meter (typically in your basement utility room) and make sure there is clear path to and around it.
  • Make sure the main shut off valve is in working order. This is the valve on the side of the meter that leads to outside.

We will open up more appointments as we continue to receive more inventory.